Silicone Silent Slide-On Dog ID Tag

Forget jingly hang tags and metal “slide on” tags.

Silicone Slide on Dog Collar Tag
14.99 19.99

The NEW and IMPROVED Dog Collar Tag is here. Made from a single piece of strong and durable Silicone elastic rubber makes the Dog Collar Tag easily stretch over pretty much every style of collar. Elastic rubber conforms to the curvature of your pets neck making it supremely comfortable. The soft edges of the rubber make sure there is no of chance scraping or scratching. Rubber holds up to the elements better than aluminum or steel so Dog Collar Tags never fade. The patent pending slot design keeps the Dog Collar Tag in place on the collar. Dog Collar Tag sits flat against the collar so it makes no annoying noise and doesn’t get caught on anything. Every Dog Collar Tag is MADE IN THE USA with materials sourced from the USA and comes with a 5 year warranty. Most importantly Dog Collar Tag is completely SAFE for your pets

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