Dog Collar Tag Research Team

Calling all pet owners

The Dog Collar Tag Research Team is a community of Dog Collar Tag owners who help us make the most durable, longest lasting and safest pet tag. The team consists of the primary researchers at Dog Collar Tag, a few friends of the company who are pet owners, and now the team is open to our customers.

How to sign up

After purchasing a tag, you can signup here. If you are already a customer, please signup to join the research team.

What to expect

Our primary researcher will email you with an up-to-date list of experiments and a newsletter of the current happenings at Dog Collar Tag. When a new experiment is set to begin you’ll receive an email containing a code for a free test tag and a short survey about your first impression. Then over the next few months we’ll send a couple more surveys.

Joining the Dog Collar Tag Research Team means you’ll get access to the latest and greatest of Dog Collar Tag first and free, your voice and opinion will get heard as you work directly with our primary researchers and you get to know your helping lost pets get home SAFE!

Dog collar research

Join the Dog Collar Tag Research Team!