About Dog Collar Tag

A business with one goal - getting your lost pets home safe!

Our safe, durable, comfortable and informative tags were created from within a humble machine shop in Buffalo New York. A perfect storm of entrepreneurial spirit, opportunity, exploration and a team of dedicated high school interns led to the development of the first single piece pet id tag to stretch over clips and secure firmly on the collar. Dog Collar Tag was created with one goal in mind, getting your pets returned safer. Unlike other metal or hang tags Dog Collar Tag is much safer for your beloved pets. The rubber provides a comfort fit to the pets neck, making it not only the most comfortable tag for your pet but removes any risk of cutting the pet’s neck that come with other flat metal tags. The standard hang tag can get caught on things leaving your pet stuck but with Dog Collar Tag there is no room to get extra stuff caught on because the tag sits flat against the collar. Hang tags also jingle like crazy, but Dog Collar Tags are completely silent. Dog Collar Tag doesn’t just get your pet returned it ensures they will be returned safely!